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Because dreams have no gender!

The Entrepregirl competition is organized by the Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology and is the only one of its kind in Europe. Its aim is to develop entrepreneurship among young girls and to encourage them to follow their dreams. In the four consecutive editions of the contest, nearly 200 girls dared to tell the world about their ideas and show that they also could be the change makers.

Entrepregirl is inspired by the Digital Woman of Europe 2013 Prize, which Sasha Bezuhanova, Chair of the Bulgarian Center of Women in Technology, received from the Vice President of the European Commission and European Commissioner for Digital Policy Neelie Kroes at the ICT2013 Digital Agenda for Europe Forum. The contest is part of Sasha’s desire and effort to develop entrepreneurial culture in Bulgaria and to encourage more girls to enter the world of business and technology.

For the Entrepregirl Prize can compete candidates from 16 to 25 years of age. Any girl who has an idea, and is not afraid to share it, can participate.

Dreams sometimes remain only dreams because we did not make the attempt to realize them.

❝The Entrepregirl Award is my attempt to realize my desire to see more and more young people in Bulgaria who are not afraid to risk and start their own business; more and more young girls are interested in entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, and all together we overcome stereotypes about what is “male” and what “female” field of education and profession. Because dreams have no gender.

I believe that the Entrepregirl initiative will contribute to increasing the professional participation of girls and women in the high technology field as well as to overcome the shortage of IT specialists, which will increase the competitiveness of Bulgaria and the countries of Europe as a whole.

It is in our hands to build up tomorrow’s leaders. To encourage young girls to follow their career paths confidently and to stimulate them to take up executive roles in the ICT sector and, in principle, it is crucial for our economic and social development as community and county.
Believe in your dreams. Take the first step towards their accomplishment today❞

Sasha Bezuhanova

  • "I took part in Entrepregirl mostly because of the challenge. I wanted to hear the expert opinion of people who are completely unknown to me and who are well established in different business spheres. I believe that my participation was an excellent decision, because apart from the awards, of course, I received extremely valuable feedback about my project and managed to form important contacts for me and for future development of my business. "

    Moriana Filipova winner of Entrepregirl for 2017, "Folklore motives in the modern wardrobe"
  • "My participation in Entrepregirl gave me an initial stimulus of determination. But I also learned that age matters - sometimes it is better to wait in the starting state until you acquire the necessary knowledge, and then you can take the road to the business race with full potential. "

    Gergana Edreva Entrepregirl 2016, Musical Internet Magazine "Crescendo"
  • "You showed me how many meters are there in the road to the sky, I made myself wings out of sturdy willpower, and now - I learn to fly!"

    Borislava Kasavulcheva Entrepregirl 2017 - "Laser Games Hall", Entrepregirl 2016 - “Guest House”
  • "Entrepregirl gave me strength and hope never to give up! There is always a way for fulfilment, even if it is very difficult! Wherever the project develops, with great effort and work, we will always achieve success!"

    Ekaterina Kitova Entrepregirl 2017, "A more active life in school"
  • "The opposite of success is not a failure, but inaction! Entreprenegirl helped me realize that the unique and correct road to success are the attempts and actions. My project to unite all co-working spaces in Bulgaria - Apt19, to this day is developing successfully, and major dreams are already achievable and tangible!"

    Petya Petkova Entrepregirl 2017, "Apt19"
  • "I would advise all girls who have an idea, but have not yet applied for the competition, not to wander, as I did not wander at all. Above all, they must clearly and accurately define their dream, believe in it, and follow it all the way, because dreams do come true! The Entrepregirl Awards helped me a lot, through it I met numerous interesting, inspiring and motivating people who provided environment for development and woke up the desire for me to engage with entrepreneurship."

    Rosi Marinova winner of Entrepregirl for 2015, "Create Your Own DNA Melody"
  • "My interest and willingness to use my knowledge and skills to interact with people motivates me to study Entrepreneurship and Business. This gives me the opportunity to acquire useful skills, to immerse myself in a real work environment and to feel what it is like to be a professional. That's why I decided to take part in Entrepregirl. "

    Vesselka Todorova Entrepreneur winner for 2014, "Eurobook"




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